Autumn Effect- 2 Mins Photoshop Tutorial

Autumn Effect- 2 Mins Photoshop Tutorial

Simple and easy tutorial for autumn effect. Camera raw, chanel mixer & gradient fil


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1. We duplicate the image so that we can have a layer below for reference

2. Lets head over to camera raw filter to make some adjustments to the picture( Filter- camera raw filter)

3. Camera Raw settings:

Contrast:-18 / Highlights:+13 / Shadows:-43 / Whites :+22 / Blacks:-34 / Clarity:-8 / Vibrance:+40 / Saturation:+10 / Sharpening: +43

4. Next we head to channel Mixer with output channel RED : red:0% / green:200% / blue:-100%. We set the blending mode to lighten with opacity around 82%.

5. We go to Gradient fill to make a sunlight effect with blending mode screen.

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