Fantasy Fall Color Effects- Photoshop Tutorial

Fantasy Fall Color Effects- Photoshop Tutorial


In this photoshop tutorial I will show you how to add a nice Fantasy Fall color effect in Photoshop

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Welcome back. I am in love with fantasy  these days. Last week I posted a tutorial on pink fantasy effect. Don’t forget to read it.


Color effects have been trending lately, so I thought why not write about that. I am really thankful to Deviantart and off course stock providers for letting me use their image and share my passion.

Let’s gest started.

First of all, I will crop the image to bring the subject in the center. Using the blending mode exposure, I will decrease the overall exposure of the image to about -1.89

Blending mode exposure



Now we click on the layer mask, then using the gradient tool (Picture 1) and selecting the Natural density(Picture 2) we click and drag from top to bottom of the picture to make smooth transition of the gradient. Remember to select color black(Picture 3)

Neutral Density Photoshop



Using blending mode Gradient map, we chose blue, red and yellow preset as in the picture below, chose blending mode HUE,and we set the opacity to around 67%.


Gradient map


Next we create a new layer and using the brush tool we make some circles around the model. This will give a nice 3 dimension to the picture and set the blending mode to Soft Light.




Using color fill blending mode, we add some dark color to the picture. This will help enhance the 3 dimension effect. Again using the gradient tool and choosing black we click and drag down and set the opacity to 15%


color fill

color fill 1








Next we add the star to the image and set the blending mode to screen. Repeat the step 3 times to get a nice snow effect. Using the eraser tool with an opacity of 50 % remove the unwanted parts.


For the final finish. lets head over to level blending mode and make some adjustments. Selecting the blue color and with these settings:

12 / 1.19 / 236




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