Fantasy Pink Photoshop Color Effects Editing Tutorial

Fantasy Pink Photoshop Color Effects Editing Tutorial

In this photoshop tutorial I will show you how to add a nice fantasy pink color effect in Photoshop

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Welcome back. This is my second blog post. I hope you liked the autumn effect I posted last week.

For the Fantasy pink effect we first have to duplicate the image, which will help us separate the model from the background.

Using the quick selection tool and with a brush size of around 40, we make a selection of the model. We don’t have to be really accurate here as we can remove the unwanted parts using the refine edge.

With a smoothness of around 14 we brush out the unwanted parts, especially the hair. Then we shift the edge slight (around -20) to have a clearer selection.

We head over to blur, using the tilt shift blur we blur the background. Blur amount: 30px ,  light bokeh : 33% and we hit ok. CTRL + D to remove the selection. Lets make some adjustments to the picture using the camera raw filter. Filter- cameraw filter with the below settings:

Contrast: -27 / Highlights: +23 / Shadows: -39 / Whites: +42 / Blacks: -7 / Clarity: -4 / Vibrance : +30 / then in the detail section: Sharpening: 40 and luminance: 15. ok.

Next using the selective color blending mode we make some color adjustments to the image with the settings below:

Colors Reds: Cyan: 0 / Magenta: +37 / Yellow: -10 / Blacks: -21

Colors Yellow: Cyan: -100 / Magenta: +100 / Yellow: -11 / Blacks: -18

Using the Gradient blending mode, we chose the Violet/Orange preset. In the gradient fill window, we chose style as Radial and we check the reverse box. Using the mouse we click on the gradient and move it upward till we get a nice half round circle at the top of the image and we hit ok. Adjust the opacity to around 50%. And voila its done. It wasn’t that difficult. Right?

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