Sunset Fall Color- Photoshop Tutorial

Sunset Fall Color- Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to add a nice Sunset Fall color effect in Photoshop

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Welcome back dear readers. It has been now almost one month since I started blogging, and I must say that its really nice to be able to express my creativity. I never thought I will be doing Tutorials one day, but we know everything happens for a reason. Last week I did a tutorial on Fantasy Fall Color Effects. Don’t forget to check it out.


Lets get started.

As you might know, I always like to duplicate the image first to have a non destructive layer below. But this time, since we are going to cut the model from the background, we will use the two layers.

Using the quick selection tool and add to selection Selected lets select the model.

QUick Selection Tool

After having selected the model, click on add layer mask. Then selecting the mask, right click and refine mask. Lets remove the unwanted parts to get a clean selection. Usually I like to shift the edge a little. For this tutorial I used -16.

Next click on the layer below and holding (ctrl) click on the layer mask. this will create a selection of the model in the first layer(layer below). Now we head over to select tab-modify-expand edges. Expand the edge by 20. Next we head over to edit tab-fill-content aware.

We do this to fill the selected area with the background. Of course it wont be perfect, but we will clear that. First using Cntrl + d we deselect the model. Also lets hide the model layer to get a clear view on the first layer.

Using the healing brush tool, we replace the let over parts of the model with the background.

Let’s extend the upper part of the picture so that we can add the sky. We use the crop tool for this.

Crop too;l


Next we add a layer mask to the background image and using the gradient tool and using the neutral density filter, lets mask out the upper part of the image.


Now lets drag and drop the sunset on the background layer. Then we put the sunset layer below the background layer.

sunset layer

Selecting the background layer, and using selective color adjustment layer we change the color of the background to a nice sunset yellow effect. Don’t for get to click to clip to layer as show below:

click to clip to layer

Selecting the green color we make the following adjustments:

Cyan: -100 / Magenta: +55 / Yellow: +100 / Black:+100

green color

Next we go to yellow color and make the following adjustments:

Cyan: -100 / Magenta: +38 / Yellow: +64 / Black:+36

yellow color

The background layer is ok now. Lets work on the model layer. Right click on the layer and apply the mask. Next convert the layer to smart object. We usually convert a layer to smart object so that we can make adjustments to camera raw filer and also we can go back to the layer at any point of time and do some additional adjustments. Hence keeping everything on this layer non destructive.

Filter-Camera raw filer in the basic tab with the below adjustments:

Contrast: -40 / Highlights: +10 / Shadows: +12 / Whites: -9 / Blacks: +24 / Clarity: -21 / Vibrance: +8

Camera raw filer 1

Filter-Camera raw filer in the detail tab :

Sharpening: +18

With adjustment layer (solid color) let’s chose black and make the opacity around 25%. Now selecting the mask we head to gradient tool and using linear gradient we click and drag down.

solid color gradient

With adjustment layer gradient map we chose violet orange preset. Set the blending mode to soft light and opacity 41%.

Gradient mapLets enhance the sun effect in the picture, by creating a nice vignetting .Using adjustment layer exposure we decrease the exposure to -0.72. Now again, using gradient tool but now this time choosing radial gradient, we click and drag outward. ( from the face of the model to the end of the picture)

VignettingWith adjustment layer color lookup, we chose crisp warm, set the blending mode to soft light and opacity 43%.

The model is looking a bit under exposed, so let go back to the model layer( remember before we converted it to smart object so that we can make adjustments anytime) in the basic section :

increase exposure to +0.35 and blacks to +38 and we are done now.

I hope you like this tutorial. And please leave a comment below. Also don’t forget to share the post, that will really motivate me to create more tutorials. Don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly Photoshop Tutorials and be among the first to get notified every time there is a new post.

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